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Airboat Tours Through Cajun Country

Louisiana Airboat Tours

A great way to experience Louisiana’s Cajun back country, and the beautiful swamps and wetlands is on an airboat swamp tour. Airboat swamp tours different from traditional flat bottom boat swamp tours in that they are conducted using an actual airboat, sometimes called a fan boat, which is propelled by a large motor and fan blades similar to those used by small airplanes.

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These tours actually go onto the marsh (including land), which allows you to go deep into the cypress swamps where you will see things you cannot see from the water. Run by local tour operators with extensive knowledge of the Louisiana swamps, some companies offer smaller boats just designed for a few people, but others offer tours on larger boats suitable for up to 20+ people.

Typical wildlife you can expect to see on an airboat tour includes bald eagles, pelicans, gulls, herons, egrets, owls, turtles, nutria, wild boars and of course, lots and lots of alligators. And since an airboat tour is a high speed adventure, it is recommended to bring a jacket during times of cooler weather. However, during the warmer months make sure to bring sunscreen, a hat and light, cool clothing.

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Experience Cajun Country

Cajun country is recognized as the crown jewel of southern Louisiana. It is home to unrivaled beauty and pristine charm. Its natural surroundings are unique in both the state of Louisiana, and the entire Deep South. Visitors are often mesmerized by its natural treasures. It is seen as one of the last untouched frontiers of America.

The southern Louisiana coastline is a melting pot of many of the unique languages and cultures found only in this part of the Deep South. The varying population that resides in Cajun country offers a unique diversity of lifestyles and dialects. The greatest way to enjoy the Louisiana coast is to take an airboat tour to get up close and personal with this unique area.

An airboat tour experience provides close access to the unique wildlife and rich history found only in the swamplands along the Louisiana coast. These wetland areas are home to some of the most unique bird species that call this area home, or are migrating from South America to Canada.

Authentic Cajun Communities

Visitors will embark on a unique journey through the southern Louisiana swamplands as it winds through authentic Cajun communities, many which can only be reached by boat. The mysteries that lurk in the swamplands of the Cajun bayous are hidden by the oak and cypress trees draped in moss that sprout right out of the swamp waters. These shallow waters are thick with vegetation, making it nearly impossible to traverse with the standard outboard motor.

However, the flat bottom of an airboat and its massive fan make gliding across the swamp waters easy and fun. It provides the opportunity to move into the deeper parts of Cajun country to get an up-close look of this unique environment.

An Educational Experience

Every guest on an airboat tour is guaranteed to receive an educational experience. Traveling off the beaten waterways, the tour guide will provide an engaging adventure that will make every guest more knowledgeable about the Cajun backwaters. Everyone will learn how the local residents make use of every unique component of the south Louisiana swamplands and live among the diverse wildlife in their natural habitats.

See Alligators Up Close

There are nearly a million alligators estimated to be living in the deep waters of the Louisiana swamps. The natural freshwater settings that make up the swamps, wetlands, marshes and ponds offer the perfect environment for the American alligator. Many can grow as long as 13 feet and weigh 800 pounds or more. As a territorial animal that tends to live in a solitary environment, the male alligator is usually seen living alone.

However, the female alligators tend to cohabitate except when nesting on a pile of decomposing vegetation throughout the hot times of the year. Available airboat tours often encounter numerous alligators in their natural habitat while out on an adventure. It is the easiest way to see exactly how and where they live, and how close they are to the residents that live along the Louisiana coast.

Available Airboat Tours

Airboat tours are available all along the southern Louisiana coast from Slidell to Patterson and Crown Point, Louisiana. Guests can take an amazing adventure in Cajun country in a variety of parishes all throughout southern Louisiana including Cameron, Calcasieu, St. Mary, Jefferson, St. Tammany, and Terrebonne. Airboats are available in small and large sizes, for private or group tours. Some airboat tour guides even offer a nighttime adventure on the southern Louisiana coastline swamps.

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