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Louisiana Motorcycle Trails

Motorcycle Riding Through Louisiana

Enjoy the Trails and Byways throughout Coastal Louisiana

The state of Louisiana is home to some of the most enjoyable, colorful countryside in North America. The area is filled with rich unique cultures and enjoyable historical locations including plantations, Cajun country, and our beautiful coast. Because of that, many motorcyclists head to Louisiana from locations all across the United States. There are numerous motorcycle events that happen in Louisiana year-round.

The state has thousands of enjoyable miles of natural graceful landscapes, along the byways, trails and highways all across Louisiana. Every year, tens of thousands of motorcyclists visit the area, hoping to enjoy a little bit of our unique culture and lifestyle on their way to their next destination.

The Louisiana Coastline

For a true motorcycle adventure, nothing can beat a ride along Louisiana’s Gulf Coast. The endless numbers of scenic roads that network down along the beautiful beaches and humid bayou swamp lands show off the diversity of the rich southern coast.

Along the back roads, motorcyclists can enjoy the unique plantation architecture, with its classic form that defines the Deep South. The trip will take you along much of the untamed wilderness that is southern Louisiana, with its unique culture and inspiring music, along with access to phenomenal food.

The Bayou State offers exciting events around every curve, filled with moss-draped cypress trees rising up to the sky, out of the Cajun swamp lands. Louisiana is known for its coastal prairies, untouched wildlife refuges, deep marshlands, and the coastlines, along the Gulf of Mexico.

National Refuges

The Lacassine, Cameron Prairie, and Sabine National Wildlife Refuges tend to attract huge flocks of numerous bird species including rare waterfowl. They are also the home to thousands of alligators, and unusual wildlife indigenous to the area.

It is extremely easy to enjoy local delicacies while traveling through southern Louisiana. Many of the Cajun restaurants offer up po-boy (poor boy) sandwiches, boudin (a local sausage favorite) and other unique food.

Louisiana Routes

For many twists and turns, motorcyclists head out to enjoy Route 22 as it winds its way through southern Louisiana. Stretching for more than 35 miles, from Sorrento to Ponchatoula, the route takes adventurers through bayous, and along the rivers. Many of the twists and turns on these byways are extremely sharp, especially deep into Bayou Country along the French Settlement, so it is important to watch speed signs.

The Longleaf Scenic Byway is an amazing trail on the west side of Louisiana. This two-lane byway (State Forest Road 59) is 17 miles of some of the most adventurous trails through the state. It crosses over buttes and mesas that dot the landscape in the Kisatchie Hills.

Louisiana Route 77, just outside Baton Rouge, in the southern part of the state, offers some of the most magnificent bayou views and farmlands around. The winding road is filled with curves, dips and hills as it makes its way along the 36 miles of breath-taking landscape from Plaquemine over to Livonia.

The easiest way to enjoy the festive culture that is southern Louisiana is to take the highways and byways on a motorcycle. The state offers an enormous amount of entertainment that is oriented specifically for motorcycling. From the historic Chalmette Battlefield, to the rich Cajun and Creole lifestyles in the south land by the Louisiana coastline, the state offers lots of experiences for any traveler that is a thrill seeker.

Throughout the year, Louisiana is host to many motorcycle tours throughout the Bayou State.

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