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Fishing on the Louisiana Coast

Louisiana Tuna Fishing

Louisiana Tuna Fishing

High Adventures in the Gulf of Mexico

Any angler that is seeking the best tuna fishing opportunity needs to head to the southern coastline of Louisiana. Throughout the year, blackfin and yellowfin tuna will migrate close to the shorelines of Louisiana and around the delta of the Mississippi River. On any given day, a tuna fishing expedition can snag a variety of other fish species including wahoo, dolphin, marlin and more in addition to all the tuna action they want.

Due to the huge network of Louisiana offshore oil platforms and deep water so close to shore, there is great tuna fishing within easy reach of Louisiana’s entire coastal shoreline. Thanks to the unique combination of the nutrient rich waters pouring out from the Mississippi River delta into the inlet waters along Venice and Grand Isle, and the quick dropoff of the continental shelf providing deep water, the Louisiana Gulf Coast offers tuna fishing opportunities that are truly world class!


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What Makes Louisiana Tuna Fishing Unique?

As one of the most prolific fisheries available around the globe, the Louisiana Gulf Coast offers some of the largest and most plentiful catches in the world. Offshore deep-sea fishing in Louisiana is much different than other popular destinations for fishing charter boats including Costa Rica, the Bahamas and Hawaii.

Catching yellowfin tuna off the Louisiana coastline offer some of the most exciting adventures on the open seas. The yellowfin tuna is an incredibly fast swimmer and is continually moving and darting through the seawater. Offering one of the best offshore fishing experiences, it is quite challenging to finally snag and bring aboard this amazing fish.

Tuna often are caught traveling in large schools. These fish can often be viewed on, and just below, the surface of the water. Fishing boat captains often use a variety of fishing strategies that include chumming, top water fishing, live baiting, and kite fishing. Every person on board will have the opportunity to bring back three tuna, which is the Louisiana limit of a legal bag. The average weight of tuna caught in the waters off of Louisiana in the Gulf of Mexico is around 60 pounds. However, many are as large as 180 pounds and the largest tuna regularly top 300 pounds!

The coastline along the Louisiana Gulf is only one of a handful of locations located around the world that provide tuna fishing year-round. Because of this, it is easy to charter a boat any month of the year. The winter months are generally the best time to experience a trip to the Midnight Lump, where fishermen have their best chances at tuna fishing in the Gulf waters.

Venice, Louisiana

Once just a sleepy port located in the south of Plaquemines Parish, the fishing town of Venice is now considered a major supplier of fish for the restaurant and food industries, and is a premier destination for all types of fisherman. Every day, the area is filled with supply helicopters and ships, along with crews, captains and boats moving the daily catch to places inland.

Venice is home to two marinas, and many offshore fishing captains that are ready to take you on a tuna fishing expedition.

Grand Isle and Lake Fourchon

Nearly every day of the year, charting boats depart from Grand Isle and Lake Fourchon, to capture some of the largest tuna residing in the waters in the Gulf of Mexico. During the specific times of year, the catch can include blackfin tuna, bluefin tuna, and yellowfin tuna.

What to Expect

Traditionally, fishing boat charters typically include a variety of expectations, to make the day trip more enjoyable. Remember, these trips involve a full day at sea on the open water, so here are a few tips.

Your trip should include:

  • A licensed experienced captain and deckhand
  • Top quality rods, reels & tackle
  • Oil and fuel for the boat
  • Bait
  • Ice
  • A daily fishing license (available for out of state guests)

Other things to consider include:

  • Bring lots of water, food and snacks
  • Lather up with sunscreen to avoid sunburn
  • Pack extra clothes and possibly a light rain jacket
  • Don’t forget a good pair of sunglasses
  • If you have trouble with motion sickness, ask your doctor to recommend either an over the counter or prescription medication
  • Bring your camera because you won’t want to miss the great picture opportunities!
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