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Fishing on the Louisiana Coast

Louisiana Offshore Fishing

Louisiana Offers the Best Offshore Fishing along the Gulf Coast

The coastline of Louisiana is recognized as one of the best fisheries in the Western Hemisphere. Home to a huge array of fish species, the Gulf of Mexico’s blue waters offer anglers amazing fishing opportunities because of the number and size of big fish available. These include Yellowfin Tuna, Cobia, Dolphin (Mahi Mahi) and Wahoo, along with an array of Red Snapper, Amberjack, Marlin, Blackfin Tuna, sharks and more.


Many of the best offshore fishing experiences happen along the permanent Gulf of Mexico oil rigs. The rigs provide a man-made reef filled with a variety of marine life. In addition, many charter captains use a variety of fishing methods that include live bait, trolling, midnight lump, chumming, wreck, rig, and the more popular kite fishing.

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The Best Offshore Fishing

Since the first oil platform was installed in the Gulf of Mexico, the Louisiana coastline has become home to some of the best offshore fishing available. This is because the mud bottom of the Gulf gradually slopes for scores of miles from the Louisiana shoreline out to the deep water drop off.

The installation of oil platforms now provides the ideal structure for hiding locations used by small bait fish along with a myriad of crustaceans. This congregation of small size fish creates the ideal food chain for a huge array of fish species at home in the Gulf of Mexico. The bottom feeders, including Grouper and Snapper enjoy the crustaceans living in the muddy bottom. Mackerel, Amberjack, and Cobia tend to feed off the larger fish species along the middle and upper sea levels. Tuna, Marlin, Dolphin and Wahoo congregate in schools and take advantage of the food chain around the oil rigs.

Redfish and Speckled Trout tend to be found along the oil platforms positioned in the shallow waters close to shore.

Catching the Big Ones

While out on a midnight lump, anglers can snag a Yellowfin Tuna weighing 150 pounds and more in season, from December until the beginning of spring. Anglers can catch White Marlin, Blue Marlin, Sailfish, Wahoo and Bull Dolphin at many offshore locations around the oil rigs in the Gulf of Mexico. Just 80 miles away, where the water depth is 2,500 feet, is home to amazing fishing spots filled with some of the most phenomenal deep-sea fish species in the world.

Chartering a Boat

Louisiana charters are some of the best fishing vessels available. Versatile and spacious, these boats are built to tackle the waters along the Gulf Coast. On every chartered fishing boat expedition, every guest should expect:

  • A Licensed Captain
  • All rods, reels, tackle, and necessary fishing equipment
  • Ice
  • Fuel & oil for the boat
  • Live bait when possible

Deep-Sea Fishing Entertainment

Many charter boats along the Louisiana coastal shore offer their services for a variety of entertainment options. Boats can be chartered to reward company employees, entertain customers and clients, or for a bachelor party celebration. These fishing vessels are available to simply relax and enjoy quality time with friends and family. Boats are available for all group sizes that can accommodate a few individuals, or large group. Hard-core offshore anglers can experience a 24 hour overnight Tuna Run, or a more relaxing 10 – 15 hour day trip.

The Louisiana coastline is known for its cobalt blue sea water and magnificent, breathtaking sunsets. It is one of the few spots in the Gulf of Mexico to enjoy the sights and sounds of whales and dolphins at boat side. Big-game fishing is a “must experience” adventure for anyone that enjoys the outdoors. For any experienced or inexperienced angler, the stunning offshore waters never disappoint.

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