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Fishing on the Louisiana Coast

Louisiana Fly Fishing for Redfish

Fly Fishing for Red Fish Along Louisiana’s Coast

If you are an expert in fly fishing, or simply want to learn, fly fishing for redfish in coastal Louisiana is a great place to start. Many of the individuals that live in Cajun country are experts in fly fishing for redfish. The marshlands located just to the west of the great Mississippi River Delta offer a unique experience that is unmatched, anywhere on earth. It is the dense fertile silt of the Delta area, where the nutrient rich waters flow out from the great Mississippi River that creates the ideal habitats for redfish.


It is because of the great Mississippi River, that Louisiana’s coast has the best red fishing in all of North America. All of the nutrients that flow into the eddies and into the Mississippi River ultimately land in the waterways of South Louisiana. Because of that, the marshlands, bayous, and waterways just north of the Louisiana coastline are teaming with some of the best populations of redfish available in the country.

The state marshlands are abundant all throughout southern Louisiana. These waters provide the ideal habitat to nurture redfish to their maturity. Because these waterways are teeming with baitfish and nutrients, many of the redfish can grow up to 11 pounds and more. This natural, isolated habitat provides a rich, unique environment that is ideal for Louisiana fly fishing.

Fly casters from all over the world come to Louisiana every year to enjoy redfish fly fishing. Many of these casters enjoy catching the beautiful, strong fish that provide a great thrill upon capture. The waters are so densely loaded with this fish species, that even the most inexperienced fly caster can develop their skills at capturing their limit.

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Fall and Winter Season

Beginning in early September, and lasting until mid-March, fly fishing in southern Louisiana is at its best. From Venice in the eastern part of the state to Lake Charles in the west, and hundreds of locations in between, the Louisiana marshlands provide some of the richest fly fishing experiences in all the world. It is here in the marshlands that the most amazing fisheries contain huge amounts of redfish, ready for the taking.

Monster size redfish are not uncommon in the area, and often are caught in the clear, shallow warm waters of southern Louisiana. However, during the spring and into late summer, much of the redfish moves farther south toward the Louisiana coastline as a part of their annual spawn. It is at these times, that some of the largest redfish are caught.

Fly Fishing Expeditions

For the experienced and inexperienced fly caster, there are numerous companies that offer fly fishing expeditions to catch a variety of fish including the infamous redfish. These companies will provide everything the caster needs including the best equipment, bait, tackle and year. Usually, these expeditions begin early in the morning, just before the water begins to warm up after cooling down through the night.

The waterways of Louisiana are the ideal playground for any fisherman that enjoys fly casting. The enormous feeding grounds provide the natural attraction for many of the giant redfish varieties that call Louisiana their home.

There is no experience on earth like catching huge redfish in the back waterways of the Louisiana bayou, deep in Cajun country. It offers an adrenaline rushing adventure and provides every fly caster the ability to test their skill as they wrestle with a huge trophy catch.

For anyone that has ever dreamed of bringing in a redfish by fly fishing, Louisiana offers the best opportunities in the Deep South. Its rich environment offers the ideal fly fishing adventure in shallow water.

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