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Fishing on the Louisiana Coast

Louisiana Bass Fishing Info

Louisiana Bass Fishing

Explore the Lakes, Rivers, Waterways and Ponds of Louisiana

Nearly every freshwater lake, river, waterway or pond that is accessible within Louisiana is home to many largemouth bass that just might be of trophy size! The state has some of the most spectacular reservoirs and lakes that offer ideal bass fishing opportunities. All along the coast, from Shreveport in western Louisiana, to Venice in eastern Louisiana, the bass fishing is world class…just ask the BassMasters why they fish here so often!

Bass fishing offers great appeal to anglers of every age group and culture, and Louisiana has its own large selection of spotted bass, smallmouth bass, and largemouth bass varieties located all throughout the coast.


All bass varieties of fish tend to be highly aggressive when feeding. Their agile skills allow them to catch nearly any type of prey, especially their favorite foods. They can often be quickly caught whenever there is a feeding spree. However, they can also be easily enticed into ambushing an attractive angler’s bait even when they are not hungry.

By nature, they are predatory fish, and will often simply strike at nearly any kind of shiny, smelly, or attractive thing that makes its way into their domain. Many anglers recognize that if the bass can get their mouth around it, they will likely attempt to consume it.

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Largemouth Bass Fishing

The reason the largemouth bass is given that specific moniker, is that it has the capacity to open its mouth so wide that it is larger than its head. Because of that, it tends to consume nearly anything in sight, and swallow it. Many largemouth bass can grow significantly in size, reaching up to 20 pounds and more. It is a much larger variety of fish than a smallmouth bass. When the largemouth bass is young, it often tends to stay tightly packed with other largemouth bass in schools. As they age, they tend to live, feed, and rest alone.

Smallmouth Bass Fishing

The smallmouth bass fish tends to grow only about one half of the overall size of its cousin, the largemouth bass. It is by far more agile, more powerful, and moves quicker through the water than most fish its size. It eats the same type of diet as a largemouth bass, only it chooses the smaller bait fish. Because of its agility, it can prove to be quite a challenge for an angler when in pursuit. Smallmouth bass will often frantically move about and jump when being caught.

Spotted Bass Fishing

With the world record of a spotted bass weighing in at 9.5 pounds, this bass variety is significantly smaller than the largemouth bass, and about the same size as a smallmouth bass. They are easy to identify with their dominant dark spots that typically form in a lateral line. Spotted bass are primarily located along the states in the Southeast, although they are not in great supply throughout the state of Louisiana. They do prefer to live in warmer waters and enjoy temperatures that range from 70° to 78°. Like the smallmouth bass, they tend to have a smaller mouth and require smaller baits including worms, frogs, crustaceans and insects.

Louisiana offers amazing bass fishing opportunities throughout many of the lakes and rivers throughout our beautiful state. There are numerous locations all along Louisiana’s coast where you can fish on your own, or find a guide.

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