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When visiting what Louisiana locals call "Cajun Country", visitors quickly see that the locals set the pace and take the time to enjoy the natural habitat around them, and one of the most enjoyable activities in Cajun Country happens to be the simplest of them all: bird watching.

The Cerulean Warbler is a small warbler that features sky-blue upper parts and black-and-white streaked flanks. These birds are often found near bottomlands and rivers, making their appearance in Louisiana, and their breeding takes part in deciduous forests in eastern North America. The scientific name for this bird is Dendroica cerulea and it is part of the New World warbler family.

The Royal Tern is an interesting bird, as it’s only found along the coastal beaches. This bird is a large tern, with pale grey upperparts, a white face, neck and underparts. The head has a spiky black crest and cap and features a bright orange bill. The wings have black tips on them and the tail is deeply forked.

Formerly known as the Louisiana Heron, the Tricolored Heron is a slender heron that is medium in size. It's home is the southeastern portion of the United States, more specifically Louisiana.

At its highest point, Louisiana's Avery Island is 152 feet above sea level. The island is actually a small hill located in the deltaic wetlands of the LA. Although small, Avery Island makes a strong presence in LA history and is known for being the home of Tabasco sauce.

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