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Louisiana Camping Info

Camping Along Louisiana's Coast

Pitching a Tent or Parking an RV in the State Park or Beach

Camping along Louisiana's coast offers locals and visitors a rewarding unique experience of some of North America's most natural outdoor beauty. The unique habitats, historic battlefields, and incredible diversity of the rich coastlines provide outdoor adventure unlike anywhere else in the country. Many visitors enjoy all the available activities during the daytime including boating, canoeing, biking, hiking, fishing, swimming, bird watching and other exciting choices.

Many of the locals and out of town visitors enjoy the wide-ranging camping opportunities in the great outdoors, situated in the recreational sites and state parks in Louisiana. Campers can gain access to many waterfront locations by pitching a tent at the river or lake edge, or parking their RV close to the water.

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Camping in Louisiana's State Parks

Louisiana has 17 state parks, two state forests, along with the long list of state and national wildlife refuges, along with a long list of historic sites. Many of the state parks are available for overnight camping. Reservations can be made directly through the Louisiana's state park reservation center, for advanced trip planning.

In addition to that, there are overnight reservations available for campsites, group camps, along with lodges and cabins located throughout different state parks. The maximum stay for any campsite, group camp, cabin or lodge is 15 days (consecutively).

Beach Camping along Louisiana's Coast

While there is certainly fun to be had by enjoying the dining or cultural experiences of southern Louisiana, camping on the sandy beaches on the Louisiana coastline along the Gulf of Mexico offers a totally unique experience. The entire family can enjoy water sports and swimming activities from the early days of March, well into late autumn. The beach environment along the Louisiana coastline brings with it its own unique cuisines, cultures and language. It offers a relaxing and colorful vacation experience.

The state park in Grand Isle is by far one of the most popular campground destinations for families, hikers and backpackers. They accept pitched tents and RVs. The campground's wooden five-story lookout tower offers the most stunning scenic views of any state park in Louisiana. Situated just three miles from the beach, the town of Grand Isle has numerous restaurants specializing in local seafood.

Often referred to as the Louisiana Cajun Riviera, Holly Beach is now one of the most popular vacation destinations on the state's coastline. Situated only 15 miles from the state's Sabine Nature Wildlife Refuge, this tiny community has rebuilt itself after Hurricane Katrina and is now again offering its visitors some of the most spectacular sandy beaches along the Gulf of Mexico. Cottages and trailers are available situated close to great dining establishments.

Port Fourchon is the most commercial seaport situated on Louisiana's southeastern shorelines. It offers every visitor copious opportunities for catching fish, or spending time on its spectacular scenic beaches. Unlike traditional vacation spots, Port Fourchon has extensive fishery operations, as well as a direct view of some of the area's oil platforms located on the horizon out on the Gulf.

There is nothing quite like breathing in plentiful amounts of sea air when stepping out of your tent, or RV situated along the Louisiana coastline. The chirping songs of coastal waterfowl along with the sounds of the Gulf water lapping up on the shore offer a unique camping experience that only southern Louisiana can provide.

Now every local or visitor can spend time along the Louisiana shoreline enjoying the camping experience, or along the water in the state parks. Either way, Louisiana offers incredible camping adventures for individuals and families alike.

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