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World-Class Fishing in Plaquemines

Plaquemines Parish is Louisiana’s most southern parish and is located where the Mississippi River and Gulf of Mexico meet. With this prime location, one can only imagine how stunning Plaquemines is, with all of its waterways, bayous, fishing spots and hunting grounds. In fact, Plaquemines Parish produces millions of pounds of shrimp, oyster and crab each year, contributing greatly to Louisiana’s seafood industry. These are just some of the reasons why so many visitors and anglers travel to Plaquemines Parish and experience world-class fishing.

Built Around World-Class Fishing
Plaquemines Parish is home to 78 lakes and is ideally located at the Mississippi River Delta, which means there are many waterfowl, fish species and geese found along the coast. The parish is known for its world-class fishing, because of the abundance of waterways, bayous and marshes that run along the coast. With so many places to fish, Plaquemines has a number of charter boat services and full-service marinas for those who want an extended stay.

The parish also serves up some of the best seafood in the country; after all, the seafood is as fresh as it gets. Just 30 minutes away is New Orleans, making it possible to toggle back and forth from the natural habitat of the Mississippi River and Gulf waters to the dynamic nightlife in the city.

Fishing Guides and Charter Boats
When visiting the parish, there are a number of ways to fish. For a personalized experience, anglers can hire a fishing guide to match them with the best places to fish and offer tips on catching the various species found along the coast. Many fishing guides own their own boats and will serve as the captain of the fishing trip. This one-on-one attention and instruction may be the very thing needed to make your trip most successful.

A charter boat service is another option when visiting Plaquemines Parish. What’s great about charter boats is that everything is supplied for you, including bait, fishing gear, ice, food and water. The fishing equipment is high quality and anglers are taken to the most lucrative spots for fishing. When staying at a full-service marina, visitors have access to restaurants, as well as fuel and groceries.

Fishing Tournaments in Plaquemines
Since Plaquemines Parish is a name synonymous with world-class fishing, it’s no surprise that there are famed fishing tournaments and competitions throughout the year. For the month of July, there is a an ever-growing list of fishing tournaments, most of which will be held in Venice, at the Cypress Cove Marina:

  • Empire South Pass Fishing Rodeo
  • Baton Rouge Big Game Fishing Club: 4th of July Fishing Tournament
  • Louisiana Home Builders Association Fishing Tournament
  • New Orleans Big Game Fishing Clubs: 2012 Ladies’ Invitational Tournament
  • Faux Pas Invitations
  • Baton Rouge Big Game Fishing Club: Damn Hot Fishing Tournament
  • New Orleans Big Game Fishing Club: Club Tournament
  • SKA Kingfish Tournament

Everyone should experience world-class fishing at some point in their lives. Fortunately, Plaquemines Parish offers top-notch fishing as well as superb dining, seafood stands, full-service marinas, charter boats, lodging facilities and the friendliest locals you’ll ever meet. 

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