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Terrebonne Parish Bull Riding, Horse Shows and 4-H Livestock

Terrebonne Parish
Terrebonne Parish is the second largest parish in the state of Louisiana. It’s located in the South Central portion of the state and along the westbank of the Mississippi River. The parish has depended mostly on the natural resources from the earth to support the local economy. The marine and seafood industries, oil and gas industries and the groups of tourists provide the majority of revenue to the area. With its focus on natural resources, there are a number of unique activities and attractions that are hosted in Terrebonne Parish.

Bull Riding
Each year, the parish hosts a bull riding contest called Fear No Evil Bullriding. This challenge was held in early March this year and lived up to its hype just as it does every year. With bull riding and team roping challenges, there are duels to keep everyone entertained for the day. This anticipated rodeo event is generally sold out, as the crowd watches riders from across the country compete for prizes, as well as locals who want to show off their roping and riding talents.

Horse Shows
It’s not just bull riding that can be seen at the event. The Terrebonne Livestock and Agricultural Fair Association provides horse shows to promote and preserve livestock in the area. The horse shows are just as you would expect them to be, with beautiful stallions that are displayed in front of the crowd as they exude their natural beauty.

4-H Livestock Show and Sale
The Terrebonne Parish 4-H Livestock Show and Sale is also hosted with the bull riding challenges and horse show and serves as an opportunity to promote the livestock industry. There is education provided as well such as information regarding good recordkeeping, selection, care and feeding of livestock.

4-H Members
If you missed the events that were held on March 3, don’t think you need to wait until next year. The Terrebonne Livestock and Agricultural Fair Association continues to host horse shows throughout the year, while community events for 4-H members provide continuous education on livestock. Members can also take advantage of pet shows, horse programs and arts and crafts.

Nevertheless, Terrebonne Parish is a wonderful place to visit any time of the year and welcomes tourists who want to learn more about the habitat.

Image: tpcg.org

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