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Swamp Tours in Terrebonne Parish

Have you ever considered taking a swamp tour? While you certainly can’t take advantage of these swampy adventures just anywhere, you can have your complete fill of them in Terrebonne Parish, the second largest parish in Louisiana. Swamp tours are commonplace in Louisiana thanks to the wetlands, marshes and bayous that are abundant in wildlife, flora and nature trails. What makes swamp tours in Terrebonne Parish so unique is that they take you deep into the swamps to areas you never thought were accessible to everyday travelers.

What is a Swamp Tour?
A swamp tour is an exploration of swamps, marshes and other wetlands by a group of people that are led by a tour guide. When you take a swamp tour, you’ll want to bring a pair of binoculars and your camera for the day. It’s not a possibility that you’ll see gorgeous wildlife, plants and small mammals but a reality. You’ll find yourself underneath the canopies of flora and come face-to-face with wildlife native to Louisiana swamplands. In fact, because you’ll be knee-deep in the swamplands, you can actually see large wildlife in their natural habitat, such as alligators that are more than 13 feet long!

Why Take a Swamp Tour in Terrebonne Parish?
So why should you take advantage of swamp tours in Terrebonne Parish? Here are just a few of the factors that make this parish a top place to explore:

  • Over 2,500 square feet of swamps and wetlands
  • Abundant wildlife, including 15 foot alligators, snapping turtles, black bears, nutria, wildcats and deer
  • Over 250 species of exotic birds
  • French and English speaking tours
  • Opportunities to catch and hold baby alligators
  • Walk through live cypress swamps
  • Alligator farms
  • Learn about alligator hunting
  • High-speed airboat rides
  • Knowledgeable, friendly tour guides

There are a number of ways to travel the swamps of Terrebonne Parish:

  • Boat
  • Plane
  • On Foot

Here are some of the magnificent things you can expect to see while on a swamp tour:

  • Exotic Wildlife
  • Birding Trails
  • Wildlife Parks
  • Beautiful Flora
  • Exotic Plants
  • Alligator Farms
  • Cultural Trails

Swamp Tours
There are dozens of swamp tours that are held in Terrebonne Parish; your task is to choose one that will fit your criteria. Some take you around the swamps by foot or by airboat, others allow you to hold baby alligators and explore alligator farms and others provide learning opportunities about the natural habitat and hunting trades in Houma. Here is a list of swamp tours in the parish, and for more information, visit www.houmatravel.com and www.visitlouisianacoast.com.

  • A Cajun Man’s Swamp Cruise
  • Airboat Charters, Inc.
  • Annie Miller’s Son’s Swamp Tours
  • Atchafalaya Basin Backwater Tours
  • Bayou Black Airboat Service
  • Cajun Tours – Swamp Tours
  • Hammond Cajun Air Tours
  • Munson’s World Famous Swamp Tour
  • Wetland Tours and Guide Service
  • Greenwood Gator Farm and Tours
  • Wildlife Gardens

Image: commonswikimedia.org

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