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St. Tammany Parish Arts and Culture

Amazing Arts
St. Tammany Parish is located in the New Orleans metropolitan area, with the parish seat being located in Covington. With the central locale, diverse history and rich cultural influences, one might expect that the parish would have a unique setting driven by its colorful residents. Arts and culture are synonymous with St. Tammany Parish, and it’s almost impossible to speak of the parish without referring to their arts programs, theater plays and ballets.

The arts have been able to flourish in St. Tammany Parish because of its affluence and focus on the significance of arts and exploration. It’s also the most politically conservative parish in the New Orleans vicinity and one of the fastest growing parishes because of its central location that puts it near New Orleans, while allowing residents to maintain a quieter, conservative lifestyle.

Diversity Abounds
The residents in St. Tammany Parish are diverse, with dancers, actors, musicians, poets, writers, historians and preservationists being common occupations. It’s these very individuals that contribute to the cultural identity of the parish and continue to keep the environment fun, fresh and unique. But it’s not just the residents that bring arts and culture to the parish, but the parish government as well. This collective effort places high standards on the field of liberal arts and the budding culture of the parish.

Arts Organizations Aplenty
For example, the St. Tammany Art Association is a non-profit arts organization that has programs for children, teens and adults. This non-profit offers a balance of arts classes, summer camps and workshops and serves as just one of 60 different arts organizations in the parish. The parish is also home to four live theaters that host ballets, theater plays and musicals, many of which take place outdoors. Thanks to the predictably warm weather in St. Tammany Parish, many theaters plays are able to be hosted outdoors for added realism and effect.

It’s not just at the theaters that you’ll find the tasteful assortment of arts and culture in St. Tammany Parish, but also through many events hosted in the area by local organizations or residents themselves. It’s not uncommon for parish residents to incorporate elements of art into weddings, business meetings and birthday parties. In addition to the rich arts culture in the parish, the area is also home to many fairs and festivals that celebrate music, arts and crafts, livestock and seafood.

Image Source: louisiananorthshore.com

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