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St. Bernard: A Fishing Hotspot

The Sportsman's Paradise
St. Bernard Parish is one of Louisiana’s premier fishing locations. Not only will you leave with an ice chest full of fish, but also you can expect your catches to be large in size. St. Bernard is known for hosting a variety of fishing tournaments because of their abundance in wildlife and never-ending possibilities for catching fish. For example, the end of March marked the series finals for the Redfish Cup where qualifying teams hauled in redfish of all sizes as long as they met the criteria of being less than 27 inches in size. Naturally, the fattest fish made the highest marks.

St. Bernard’s Wet Ecosystem So what makes St. Bernard such a great fishing location in the first place? The reason for this, in part, is due to its prime location. St. Bernard is surrounded by water and consists mainly of marshlands. There are few places like this throughout the United States, which is why St. Bernard has earned itself the reputation of being one of the wettest and richest ecosystems in North America. It’s no wonder why avid fisherman travel from all over the country to experience the fishing scene in St. Bernard parish.

Popular Catches If you plan on traveling to St. Bernard Parish, you’re in luck because the area is open to fishing 365 days a year. With bayous, marshlands and swamps, there are plenty of places to cast your reel and hopefully top your record. Some of the catches you can expect to see include redfish, speckled trout, bass, flounder, bass drum and sheepshead. There are great little tackle shops along the way so you can get your hands on the freshest bait and the right types of tackle for catching your fish of choice.

Charter Boat Tours St. Bernard Parish is certainly a sportsman’s paradise, and you can bet that there will be plenty of pros in the area. While fishermen from all over the country travel to St. Bernard Parish, there are many locals that visit the parish regularly. If you’re not sure you’re ready to experience the parish on your own, consider joining a fishing charter boat that will take you to the prime fishing spots and provide you with tackle. The best part about taking a charter boat is that you’ll be with many professionals who know what they’re doing, know the best spots to fish and are familiar with the best techniques for catching the largest fish like trophy trout.

Located by New Orleans Even though St. Bernard is packed with fishing fun, the parish is located conveniently next to New Orleans so you can visit the dynamic city by night if you’d like. Either way, you’ll get your fill of fun, action and fishing in the Sportsman’s Paradise. Image Source: washingtonpost.com

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