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Redfish Cup Coming to St. Bernard March 23-24

2012 Redfish Cup
The Redfish Cup is known as the nation’s premier saltwater fishing tournament. It’s a great competition for avid fishermen to come together and see who can catch the largest redfish. The Redfish Cup is being hosted in Chalmette Louisiana on Friday, March 23 and Saturday, March 24, 2012. Those that have qualified from the redfish tournaments will spend their days trying to catch the largest redfish, while visitors can watch the anglers weigh in their catches at the St. Bernard Civic Center parking lot.

Background on Redfish Cup Tournaments
Just like any redfish competition, being able to weigh in with the most weight is not an easy thing to do. If you know anything about this sport, you understand that there are daily limits for catching reds, as well as the challenge of making sure that you keep your catches alive until weigh in. In the state of Louisiana, the daily creel limit is five fish; four fish between 16 and 27 inches and one additional fish that is 27 inches or longer.

There may be other specifications to follow as well. For example, a recent redfish pre-qualifying tournament had a challenge of catching two redfish under 27 inches and keeping them alive until weigh in so that the most pounds per inch could be collected. Of course, there is always weather to be concerned with, as some mornings have a cool front and winds that make getting bites hard and the boat not so comfortable.

Redfish Cup Tournament Rules
This year’s contestants for the Redfish Cup are participating by invitation only. Some entrants were already pre-qualified, while others were trying to earn a top spot for better monetary awards and prizes. As it is now, there are first, second and third place prize monies to be earned, as well as earning a spot on the Leader Board. The goal is for each team to catch two redfish that are less than 27 inches and as fat as you want them to be. The team with the heaviest weight will win one of the prizes, and the top five teams will have a spot on the Leader Board.

Redfish Cup Weigh Ins
There are a few factors to look for that can damper your chances of winning. No fish can have a mutilated tail, so make sure your redfish are intact from head to tail – literally. This rule comes from past anglers who tried to cheat the system by docking off their catch’s tail. The tail cannot go past the 27-inch mark, which is why some fishermen tried to bend the rules their ways.

A second factor to keep in mind is that fish close to that 27-inch mark can relax when it comes time to weigh in, then crossing over this mark and being disqualified. Even with all these rules in place, one thing is for certain: The St. Bernard Redfish Cup is not for novices. The very best will be hitting the waters on March 23 and 24, bringing in some fatty redfish for all to enjoy.

Image Source: nola.com

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