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Lake Calcasieu Spring Fishing Season is Here

Why Fish off Lake Calcasieu
Wondering where you should go fishing this spring season? No matter where you live and what you like to catch, Lake Calcasieu is an excellent option to set your sights on. Fishermen from all over the country travel to Lake Calcasieu to get a taste of its legendary fishing. This area is located just outside Lake Charles Louisiana, giving travelers a quiet, serene, nature-infused location to fish, while still being within close proximity to some of the larger cities such as New Orleans and Houston.

It’s also interesting to see how many fishermen come out to Lake Calcasieu to capture a different, unique experience, but end up choosing this hotspot as their premier fishing spot. Who can argue with that choice however, as the lake is rich in big speckled trout, redfish and flounder. But it’s not just what you can catch during the springtime at Lake Calcasieu, but the quality and size of these fishing breeds.

Trout, Redfish and Flounder
Lake Calcasieu is arguably, the best place to fish for speckled trout because no other bay system has the size of trout that this area does - around two-feet or more and weighing in at about five to eight pounds. Not only can you catch these large trout in big sizes, but also in big numbers. If you spend the day out on the lake, don’t be surprised if you catch multiple trout, making Lake Calcasieu an absolute dream for fishermen looking to top their record.

Even though speckled trout is what Lake Calcasieu grabs attention for, there is more to catch off this bay system. Redfish are found along the jetties, and springtime is the perfect season to find the redfish schooled up underneath flocks of birds. Flounder is also plentiful, even though there is a lesser supply during the spring months. If you don’t have success catching flounder this spring, be sure to head back in the fall, preferably right after Thanksgiving when the flounder can be found along the marsh drains.

Outlook for Spring Fishing Season
So what is this year looking like for Lake Calcasieu? Now that the spring season is here, and has sprung early this year thanks to mild temperatures and rainy weather, there is a nice selection of flounder and hackberry halibut. It only gets better from here on out, so be sure to make a trip out to Lake Calcasieu for some fishing experiences that will surely become everlasting memories.

Image: homeaway.com

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