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Jefferson Parish Irish-Italian Parade Set for March 18

2012 Irish-Italian Parade
The Louisiana Irish-Italian Association is where Irish and Italian cultures come together and celebrate their heritages. One of the most successful events is the Irish-Italian Parade that is held each year during the month of March. This time of the year is perfect for parades, as everyone is getting ready for St. Patrick’s Day and Mardis Gras.

The Irish-Italian Parade will be held on Sunday, March 18, 2012 at noon. Admission is free – as always – but don’t be late. You want a great seat so that you can collect all the treats being handed out. Instead of collecting candies however, you can expect carnival throws, cabbage and vegetables.

Irish-Italian Parade Route
The parade is always a blast and follows the traditional Veteran’s Memorial Boulevard route - starting at Clearview Shopping Center, up El Dorado and along Veteran’s Memorial Boulevard, ending at Martin Behrman. The route is approximately 3.73 miles. There will be a Grand Marshal assigned both to the Irish and Italian floats, so look for the marshals as they lead the way along the parade route in the scenic Jefferson Parish.

History of the Irish-Italian Parade
So what’s the history behind the Irish-Italian parade? The Louisiana Irish-Italian Association was first established in 1983 by Eddie Renton Sr. He lived in New Orleans and was proud to be Irish; he wore green clothes, drove green boats and vehicles and grew the St. Patrick’s Day Marching Club into the largest marching club in the metropolitan area.

Mr. Renton was involved in a lot of organizations, and his personality always shined through, making others happy to be around the jovial character. Out of the growth of the St. Patrick’s Day Marching Club, the Louisiana Irish-Italian Parade was born. At the time, the marching club had grown so large, some of Mr. Renton’s Irish friends were asked not to participate in the St. Patrick’s Day Parade.

With his affection for his Italian friends, Eddie approached Joe Yenni, the Jefferson Parish President, and asked if the two groups could come together to march in one parade. Mr. Yenni agreed and the Irish-Italian parade started its roots in 1983. Today, the parade is highly anticipated by those in Jefferson Parish and beyond, as both heritages are celebrated in a fun activity that gets everyone prepared for St. Patrick’s Day.

For more information on the parade, visit www.experiencejefferson.com

Image Source: commons.wikimedia.org

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