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The Health Benefits of Hiking throughout Louisiana

While some individuals believe that working out at a gym or using the skills of a personal trainer can achieve the best physical fitness, others believe that hiking is a better experience. Hiking through some of the back trails and state parks in Louisiana can help develop optimal health and provide an uplifting of an individual’s well-being. Additionally, hiking through the back trails of Louisiana is extremely enjoyable.

Aerobic & Immune System Benefits
Many hikers in Louisiana take to the open trails because of the aerobic activity it provides. Even mild hiking on flat terrain can burn up to 600 calories every hour. Because of that, hiking provides substantial health benefits. Most of Louisiana’s hiking trails provide enough activity to help improve circulation and achieve greater respiration.

Hiking in Louisiana state parks and national refuges is a simple way to boost the body’s immune system. It also helps reduce any susceptibility to the flu, and colds. Exercise by hiking can naturally improve the body’s muscular strength while increasing the density of bones. This helps Louisiana hikers obtain a longer lifespan, even when compared to traditional aerobic exercise. Effective hiking on a routine basis can minimize a wide array of diseases including osteoarthritis, cancer, heart disease and diabetes.

An enjoyable hiking experience through one of many Louisiana’s beautiful hiking trails is a simple way to enhance physical well-being. It also helps promote one’s mental health. It is the simplest way to create a Louisiana “natural high”.

Psychological Benefits
A routine hiking experience is the easiest way to “clear the head.” Studies indicate that hiking can reduce high levels of stress and help relieve many of the daily pressures every individual experiences. Hiking is also known to enhance short-term memory. It is much easier to remember things, events and situations during a walking motion, versus just standing still. It also helps to improve cognitive capabilities including reasoning and learning. Overall, it tends to enhance emotional moods.

Routine hiking on a weekly basis is known to increase energy and stamina, which allows the body to take on more difficult hiking experiences, in a relatively short amount of time. Because of that, many Louisiana residents take to the back hills of the state as a way to quell their anxieties and enhance their personal physical and mental development.

Hiking Anywhere
Louisiana offers hiking experiences nearly anywhere in the state. From the northern area, along the Mississippi and Texas border, down to the Louisiana coastline, there are beautiful hiking trails everywhere. The natural environment of the wetlands, marshlands, woodlands and coastline offer their own innate beauty. These trails provide the opportunity to appreciate the natural surroundings that include the wildlife and greenery. Spending time outdoors in a natural environment tends to reinvigorate and revive every individual.

An Experience for Any Experience Level
Armed with nothing more than a good pair of comfortable, sturdy shoes, anyone can take to the hiking trails of Louisiana. It is by far one of the least expensive forms of exercise. It does not require intense training, membership dues or the purchase of equipment.

As a result, many experienced and novice hikers in Louisiana are eager to explore the wide array of nature parks, state parks, national refuges, and the Gulf Coast shoreline. There are rich varieties of unique hiking excursions available, where groups of individuals seek out unique trails for a high-level hiking experience.

Hiking together with family and friends provides a unique opportunity to share the outdoor environment and quality time in a unique setting. Many of the best memories are created through the shared experiences of hiking on the Louisiana trails, all across the state.

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