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Fishing in Terrebonne Parish

Terrebonne Parish is the second largest parish in Louisiana, and you know what that means – plenty of places to fish! The parish is home to 69 lakes as well as miles and miles of marshland with direct access to the Gulf of Mexico, where an abundance of fish can be caught. Some of the most common species caught in Terrebonne will depend on where you fish (inshore or offshore), but may include anything from bass to speckled trout or redfish, and even red snapper and tuna for those who venture offshore.

And after an afternoon of casting and reeling, you can enjoy dining and entertainment in Houma, the parish seat. And if you come at the right time, say right before Easter, you may be able to catch a crawfish boil.

Terrebonne Parish: The Saltwater Fishing Capital of the World
That’s right; Terrebonne Parish is referred to as the saltwater fishing capital of the world. This isn’t just a moniker given to the parish from fishing hopefuls; the distinction is registered and protected by the United States Patent and Trademark Office. Also, this distinction is recognized on a global level by those that come to the waters to fish.

Why Fish in Terrebonne Parish?
You may be wondering what makes Terrebonne Parish a hotspot for fishing. After all, much of Louisiana is game for good catches of fish. What separates Terrebonne Parish, however, is the unique location along the Gulf of Mexico. Located along an intercoastal waterway, there are lakes, canals and bayous, plus an abundance of coastal fishing areas as well as access to the Gulf itself. This variety of fishing habitat is hard to find but makes for an enjoyable fishing trip no matter what species you are targeting.  What’s even better is that these waterways are gathering places for fish, which is why you can catch a lot of them at one time, especially during spawning season.

Charter Boats and Marinas
Many of these fishing locations can be accessed from different waterways, making it easy to hit a number of popular spots in one day.  If you don’t have your own boat to take out on the Gulf waters or are just visiting the area for a few days, you have lots of choices if you prefer to opt for a charter boat. Terrebonne Parish has plenty of charter boat services and you’ll be able to fish with the experts and be taken to the best places, depending on the type of fishing trip you want to line up.

Many of the marinas are full-service, which means you can lodge at the marina, have access to boating supplies and have places to eat, shop for groceries, as well as load up on fuel.

No matter when you choose to visit Terrebonne Parish, you can expect the very best saltwater fishing in the world. Who else can say that?

Image: tripadvisor.com

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