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Exploring the Creole Nature Trail

For nature lovers who are interested in an outdoor activity, embracing the natural beauty, habitat and resources of Louisiana, the Creole Nature Trail is the perfect place to visit. Locals and visitors alike will feel at-one with nature when coming to the Creole Nature Trail, which is also known as the All-American Road.

Action-packed and filled with excitement, the 180-mile trail offers activities such as bird watching, fishing and nature exploration. Nestled along the Gulf of Mexico in Calcasieu and Cameron Parish, the trail is surrounded by bayous, marshlands and sandy beaches.

Let’s explore the various activities to enjoy when visiting the Creole Nature Trail:

The Creole Nature Trail is home to hundreds of species of birds – 300 to be exact. The trail is so rich in bird species that it’s known as being one of the top ten places to bird watch in the nation. It doesn’t matter what time of the year you come to the trail; you can find a variety of birds thriving in their natural habitats. Some of the most common finds include waterfowl, wading birds and shorebirds. Bring a pair of binoculars and a camera to make the most of your bird watching experience.

Whether you choose to fish off the side of the road, along the waterways or from the beach, there are plenty of opportunities to make a great catch or two when visiting the Creole Nature Trail. Some of the most common catches include speckled trout and redfish. To access deeper waters, there are also boat launches that exit off the coasts of Calcasieu and Cameron parishes.

Hunting guides are available for those who are interested in hunting along the Creole Nature Trail, as the area is home to mallards, pintails and Canadian geese. There is also hunting available for deer, quail, dove, squirrel and turkey, as well as hunting and trapping for raccoon, skunk and other small animals. Hunting and trapping licenses are required.

There are 26 miles of natural beaches along the coast of the Gulf of Mexico, and with these beaches come water activities, such as surfing, shelling and sunbathing. Kids will love building sandcastles in the warm sand while adults will enjoy swimming, tubing and observing shorebirds. Shelling, in particular, is a wonderful activity, since the close proximity to the Gulf means that the shorelines are constantly replenished with a variety of seashells.

Other Activities
The Creole Nature Trail is synonymous with bird watching, fishing and hunting, but there are other activities to be enjoyed as well. Photography enthusiasts will love getting the most remarkable photographs that include bird species, wildlife and coastal waters, while families will enjoy a picnic lunch on the beach. When the season is right, those who like fishing can also take advantage of shrimping and crabbing, as traps can be set out to catch these Louisiana seafood delicacies.

To learn more about the Creole Nature Trail, visit creolenaturetrail.org.

Image: visitsouth.c

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