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Ecotourism in Vermilion Parish

Vermilion Parish is known for being the most Cajun place on Earth. This large parish is diverse, with a multicultural blend of people that enjoy what the coastal lifestyle has to offer. With close proximity to the Gulf of Mexico, there are outdoor activities, authentic Cajun foods, wandering bayous and farmlands and annual family-friendly festivals that are located along the coast. Thanks to Vermilion Parish’s prime location, it’s a hotspot for the most delicious seafood and other favorites such as alligator, crawfish, oysters and shrimp that come directly from the coastline.

Ecotourism in Vermilion Parish
With the nature-centered environment of Vermilion Parish, it’s a wonderful place to explore and enjoy ecotourism activities. Ecotourism brings awareness to natural areas and enables travelers to give back to the community and support the local people without having a harmful impact on the natural resources being enjoyed. Ecotourism efforts can be planned individually or as a group, and many workplaces are using ecotourism as a team-building effort to bring coworkers closer together. For instance, many companies are organizing activities where a group of employees can volunteer their time to plant marsh grasses in seletected areas. No matter how you choose to travel to the parish, you can expect a blend of activities that will allow you to enjoy the natural habitat and support the local community.

Fishing, Hunting and Photographing Wildlife
Vermilion Parish is part of America’s Wetland Birding Trail and offers a pristine location for photographing birds and wildlife. If you decide to take a drive along the byways of the trails, you’ll find an abundance of farms and marshes that are rich in wildlife like birds, deer, small mammals and alligators. There are also a number of places to fish along the coastline such as Broussard Landing and Shell Morgan Landing. Intracoastal City is the perfect spot to head out for a bit of redfish fishing from the Vermilion Bay, with a little help from local fishermen.

Local Museums and Walking Tours
By visiting Vermilion Parish, you’re taking the time to enjoy the local habitat, bring revenue to the parish and take advantage of the natural resources that are so important to Louisiana. Yet there are other ways to engage in ecotourism and make an impact on the local area. Rich in history, the parish has several museums where travelers can become well-versed in the history and significant individuals. The Abbeville Cultural and Historical Museum and Art Gallery, the Acadian Museum of Erath and the Downtown Abbeville Walking Tours puts travelers directly in line with the historical makeup of Vermilion Parish.  These hands-on museums are the perfect way to appreciate the local culture and past history of this Cajun area.

Family-Friendly Festivals & Other Activities
Also be sure to check out the current events in the area, as there are many year-round festivals that bring support, awareness and income to the parish, as well as allows for family-friendly entertainment that promotes awareness to the parish. In fact, many of the festivals are centered on a particular organization that supports local wildlife, nature trails and fishing habitats. By attending these festivals, you’re inadvertently funding the programs that make so many of the nature activities in Vermilion Parish possible.

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Image: Tim Boyd

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