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Ecotourism Along the Louisiana Coast

What is Ecotourism?
The Ecotourism Society defines ecotourism as “responsible travel to natural areas which conserves the environment and improves the welfare of the people.” Therefore, if you were to travel to a remote area to observe the natural habitat, it would not be considered ecotourism unless you were benefitting the area in some way.

Ecotourism is misunderstood and often used in the wrong context, as many travelers believe they are engaging in ecotourism because they are exploring the natural habitat. If ecotourism is important to you, you should understand what it really means so that you can conserve, protect and improve the environment as you travel the world.

Ecotourism and its Role in Louisiana
Louisiana has been long recognized for its pristine parks, historical landmarks, rocky trails and scenic coastline. With abundant wildlife such as birds, alligators, fish and shellfish, the economy of Louisiana relies on its natural resources. The oil spill in 2010 brought much focus on the area, as people rushed to save the wildlife that is so valued in the state. The efforts provided during this time benefitted the wildlife and the local people - a true example of ecotourism.

Ecotourism is an excellent way to embark on new journeys, engage in unique experiences and create new memories while contributing to the environment. With the type of habitat that Louisiana has, there are always new opportunities for ecotourism. Ecotourism can be carried out individually or as a group effort such as for a team building activity or scout troop.

Since the fishing industry is very important to Louisiana’s economy, any effort that protects the fish and shellfish living in the rivers and bayous will have a direct effect on the welfare of the local people. Thanks to the growing awareness and appreciation for the value and beauty of the wetlands, ecotourism is increasing in the state of Louisiana.

Ecotourism Ideas Along the Coast
So what are some ecotourism activities that can be done along the coast? Bird watching, watersports, hiking, swamp tours, nature photography and camping are all examples of ecotourism outdoor adventures. You are supporting the local economy, protecting the wildlife and giving back by caring for the environment.

To truly fulfill what ecotourism means, be sure to do your part by benefitting the environment in some way. Planting a tree, cleaning up garbage along the coastline and preserving birds’ nests are all examples of how you can conserve and improve the habitat.

Image: life123.com

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