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Crawfish Season in St. Bernard is Getting Better by the Day

Crawfish season may be off to a slow start, but that doesn’t mean that local seamen aren’t hopeful. The cost of crawfish right now is high – almost $5.00 a pound – but the anticipation of other species of mudbugs becoming more available will help the season to get off to a better start. In the meantime, some sellers are selling their crawfish for less than $5.00 a pound and making very little profit. In fact, in New Orleans specifically, the cost of crawfish is between $3.00 and $3.50 a pound, with boiled crawfish coming in slightly higher.

As usual, the anticipation of mudbugs is what’s expected to get crawfish season off to a better start, as mudbugs are getting bigger and more plentiful by the day. Gas prices have remained steadier as opposed to this time last year, but if mudbugs have to travel far to get to their destination, this overage will be reflected in the cost of the seafood. Fortunately, even the price of gas doesn’t seem to affect sales from mudbugs. And as the weather gets warmer in the St. Bernard area, people can expect bigger catches of crawfish and mudbugs, plus lower prices.

As opposed to last year where the fall was dry and the winter cold, this winter has been wet and mild, which means conditions are expected to improve. Still, the area of St. Bernard still hasn’t fully recovered from last year’s drought, so the added rain from this winter is making up for what was lost last year. As we head into the abundant part of the crawfish season, local seamen are finding that crawfish prices are already dropping, placing them nearly $.50 less than what they were last year.

If the weather stays warm, locals can expect that the season will be a good one. The season may also last longer like it did last year, as many of the crawfish that have been collected thus far are small or were mature mudbugs that hadn’t been harvested from last year. In the next month or two, the St. Bernard area will see bigger, better crawfish and lower prices.

What really helps get crawfish season into gear is the St. Bernard La Crawfish Festival that is held every year in March. There are also local cook-offs in the area that prepare fresh crawfish in a variety of ways, adding them to Cajun soups and stews. Interestingly, the majority of crawfish are eaten in the state of Louisiana, and approximately 98 percent of crawfish come from the state. With these numbers, you can expect that St. Bernard Parish is anxiously awaiting the boom of the season.

Image Source: cajuncrawfish.com

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