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Crawfish Season in Full Swing along the Cajun Coast

Crawfish Season in Full Swing
Crawfish season is finally in full swing, giving all the Cajun lovers something to rejoice about. Crawfish season is undependable each year, so you never know just what you’re going to get. Last year for example, the winter was cold and the summer was dry, so crawfish were small, mature and less in supply. But this year brings a more hopeful outlook, as the mild winter and extra rain are bringing the supply of crawfish back.

The only downside to selling crawfish is that the price has to continually be adjusted due to inflation and gas prices. Each week, the price is different, but that hasn’t stopped people off the Cajun coast from getting their fair share of crawfish. In fact, some crawfish stands report that they’ve seen the biggest turnout this year.

Crawfish Season Starts Early this Year
Another surprising fact is that years ago, crawfish season didn’t officially start until April. We are a month ahead of schedule and already bringing in the crawfish, which means we can expect a better year that is making up for the difficult crawfish season in 2011. To see the difference that one year can make is what gives local farmers and fishermen the motivation they need to pursue the natural resources along the Cajun coast.

There’s more to look forward to as crawfish season continues to soar high, as the weather is getting warmer by the day and expected to stay that way. Once this consistency is there, which generally happens in April and May, the crawfish will stay steady, as they won’t be in need of a warm place to take cover.

Cost of Cajun Crawfish
So what are the prices of crawfish along the Cajun coast? Right now they are about $3.25 a pound, which is about the same that they were last year.  The prices are on the high side because of fuel and inflation, but crawfish stands have to compete against each to offer the best prices, which is why buyers do have some leverage. Nevertheless, you can’t beat the succulent, tender meat that makes crawfish simply delicious.

Even better is now that we are in full swing, it’s become clearer about the quality and quantity of the crawfish. The floodwaters are gone, the temperatures are up, the rains have been plentiful and the crawfish are big – some of the biggest that fishermen have seen in a long time. Their advice for the Cajun community: Be prepared to eat.

Image: cajuncreations.com

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