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Crawfish Season along Louisiana's Coast

Louisiana Crawfish

Spring is right around the corner, and you know what that means? Crawfish season! All along the Louisiana coast, you'll find cities, restaurants and markets celebrating the tasty crawfish.

Jefferson Parish

In Jefferson Parish, we are always in the mood for crawfish! From spicy to fried, we've got you covered! Do you know how to boil crawfish? Check out our video. Learn a little bit more about these delicious mudbugs, like how to peel and eat a crawfish, how to make some of our favorite recipes as well as find restaurants and markets here.

St. Tammany Parish

Crawfish are the Spice of Life in St. Tammany, on the Louisiana Northshore.

Family life and social life in St. Tammany Parish, the Louisiana Northshore, both revolve around food and nothing illustrates that better than crawfish season. Arrivals of the year’s first sacks of crawfish usually merit an announcement on the evening news, kicking off a feeding frenzy that lasts for months. Though the season can vary a little, supplies are most plentiful and most reliable from January to June.

At peak season, around April, Louisianans celebrate spring with huge crawfish boils, cooking up 30- and 40-pound sacks of the crustaceans in cauldrons of spiced-up boiling water. There’s almost always crab boil (usually Zatarain’s) involved, and cayenne pepper. Salt and lemons, too. Different cooks favor varied additions – corn on the cob, potatoes, mushrooms, whole garlic pods, sausage, among them. The crawfish et al often are dumped, steaming, onto a tall table that has been lined with newspaper and family and friends gather around, standing, to feast, drink, laugh and repeat.

Visitors sometimes are invited to these convivial crawfish boils (or are lucky enough to take part in one.) Cajun Encounters swamp tours in Slidell has tour captains that double as master boilers, and can arrange crawfish boils for groups in their pavilion. But seafood markets and restaurants get in on the action, too, selling hot boiled crawfish by the pound. (Expect to eat, on average, 3-5 pounds each!) Crawfish aren’t just served boiled. You’ll find them in iconic Louisiana dishes like crawfish étouffée or silky bisque, thrown into fettucine and other pasta dishes and battered and fried.

The outpost for all things outdoors in St. Tammany, Bayou Adventure in Lacombe, boils up crawfish in their Bayou Kitchen. This fascinating shop sells live bait, rents bicycles and fishing gear, and rents kayaks and paddleboards for trips down Cane Bayou. Make a day of it, and live large, Louisiana Northshore-style.

Five spots for crawfish on the Louisiana Northshore:


  • Boiled and fried seafood and crawfish étouffée, too.
  • 1300 Gause Blvd., Slidell


  • Take home or eat there at the popular market and restaurant.
  • 2020 LA Hwy 59, Mandeville


  • Boiled crawfish is among the Northshore’s best, and they ship overnight all over the U.S!
  • 400 Pontchartrain Drive, Slidell


  • Locals love this spot known for boiled seafood.
  • 304 LA-22, Madisonville


  • Legendary selection of seafood at this buffet-style restaurant off the beaten path.
  • 81790 LA-21, Bush

Lake Charles

One of the most thought of cuisines, when you think about Louisiana, is crawfish. A cash crop, during the winter and spring, crawfish are bought by locals, restaurants, and grocery stores for boiling and peeling for dishes like crawfish stew or étouffée. Check out videos on “how to eat crawfish,” “how to catch crawfish,” and where to get them around Lake Charles here.

Lafourche Parish

Are you looking for crawfish along the Cajun coast?

Crawdaddy’s Seafood Thibodaux


Tillou’s Seafood (only open during crawfish season)

Holly Marie Seafood Market

Nick’s Seafood

  • 985-537-7177
  • 4183 Hwy 1, Raceland, LA 70394

Seafood Outlet

Punch’s Seafood Market


Vermilion Parish


Crawfish Haven/Mrs. Rose’s Bed and Breakfast, a bed and breakfast just outside of Kaplan, is the only bed and breakfast in Vermilion Parish and possibly all of Louisiana that offers crawfish excursions. A unique flair that is offered to all guests of Mrs. Rose’s B&B is a Crawfish Excursion. You and your guests can experience firsthand how these amazing crustaceans come to appear on our tables. A guide will assist you in a unique boat ride allowing you to catch your own crawfish. Later, you can end the evening with your own crawfish boil in true Cajun style.

Popular places in Vermilion Parish that have been serving boiled crawfish for many years:

T-Bob’s Seafood
109 E. Lastie St. | Erath | 337-937-4573
Serving boiled or live seafood in season.

Big John’s Seafood Patio
3630 Broadview Rd. | Erath | 337-937-8355  
A family-owned and operated seafood restaurant specializing in boiled seafood. Open seasonal.

Cajun Claws
1928 Charity St. | Abbeville | 337-893-9437  
Specializing in boiled seafood. Open seasonal.

D&T Crawfish
3140 Veterans Memorial Dr. | Abbeville | 337-893-5436  
Drive-thru open for boiled or live crawfish in season.

Richard’s Seafood Patio
1516 S. Henry | Abbeville | 337-893-1146  
Specializing in boiled, fried or grilled seafood, nightly seafood buffet and more!

Stelly’s Boiling Spot
1120 Veterans Memorial Dr. | Abbeville | 337-740-0806, 337-652-8365  
Specializing in boiled seafood. Open seasonal.

T’s Crawfish Trap
213 Main St. | Gueydan | 337-536-5600
Specializing in boiled crawfish. Open seasonal.

Houma Area

Houma is launching their Bayou Country Crawfish Trail on March 1st which will highlight over 30 restaurants both in and off season.  Participants will be asked to visit 5 or more restaurant on the trail, save the receipt and submit for an official crawfish trail T-shirt. Information about the trail can be found at www.crawfishtrail.com.

Iberia Parish

One of our most asked questions by visitors is, "Where can we find boiled crawfish in Iberia Parish. So, the Iberia Travel team went on a hunt to sample a local favorite of the Louisiana staple dish for first hand knowledge.

Our destination: Jane's Seafood & Chinese Food in New Iberia. Khai Tran and his wife Ngoan came to the United States from Vietnam in 1982 and opened the restaurant in 1991. Although Khai still spends time in the restaurant, the daily running of the business has been passed on to his youngest son, Vu Tran.

One thing to note, Jane's Seafood does not skimp on portion sizes. We found you really got great value for your money and most of our meals were under $15 before tip. We ordered 2lbs of crawfish seasoned "medium" for the table to share. The crawfish comes with potatoes, corn and sausage. Visitors have the choice on how much they'd like their lips to tingle after the meal by choosing to have their crawfish cooked mild, medium or spicy.

The crawfish were delicious and the table wholeheartedly agreed that they were easy to peel and a very good size even though it was still relatively early in the season. Where we were split was on the spice factor. Two said that "medium" was just the right spice level from the beginning as they don't like their crawfish overly spicy. The other two said it had a more "mid-mild" flavor on first taste but had a kick after a few bites.

Where the heat turned up was in the sides. The sausage was juicy, and very flavorful while the potatoes and corn were well prepared and not cooked too long. The potatoes cut nicely and the corn had a good crunch. Both were well seasoned, but much hotter than the crawfish.

Other local eateries serving crawfish in the area include R & M's Boiling Point, Bon Creole, Landry's Seafood & Steakhouse of New Iberia (not the chain), Seafood Connection, Pelicans on the Bayou and T-Bob's Seafood.

St. Mary Parish - Cajun Coast

Bayou Lagniappe in Berwick serves up tasty crawfish in a variety of dishes! Check out a few below.

  • Crawfish and spinach boat: hollowed out french bread, filled with crawfish and spinach dip and baked until hot and crispy
  • Crawfish Etouffee: crawfish tails smothered with onions, bell peppers, celery, tomatoes and garlic cooked in a roux-based tomato sauce, served over rice, with potato salad, fried fish and a cheddar garlic biscuit


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