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Cameron Parish Fishing Trip Planner

Interested in fishing in Cameron Parish Louisiana? This fishing trip planner will give you all the information you need for making your trip a successful one. Whether you’re traveling to the parish from far or just visiting from another southern town in Louisiana, you’ll feel right at home in the parish. The friendly people, beautiful lakes and tasty Cajun specialties will give you slice of Louisiana heaven.

Cameron Environment
Cameron is a small nook of southern Louisiana that has plenty of opportunities for fishing and shrimping. This area is far different than it was years ago, as it was majorly impacted by Hurricane Rita and remains vulnerable to hurricanes. The town is coming back and has recently built an RV park and pier to fish off of. There are pockets of rivers, lakes and estuaries that are nearby the Gulf of Mexico, and the mild climate keeps the supply of wildlife steady and abundant.

To locals, Cameron is known as the Big Lake, as it’s butted up against the Gulf of Mexico and Lake Calcasieu. Not only do fishermen come to the area, but so do bird watchers and nature enthusiasts. Cameron is part of the Creole Nature Trail and even has a pocket known as Alligator Alley to watch the alligators in their natural habitat.

Fishing in Cameron
You just never know what you can catch during your stay in Cameron, but here are a few of the catches you can look for: redfish, speckled trout and flounder. Because of the jetties that are built off the rivers and lakes in Cameron, it’s unpredictable what could be biting for the day. You can fish both during the day and at night, as the nighttime is well lit so that fishermen can see their bait.

There are different types of bait you can use depending on the fish you’re looking to catch. Redfish for example, will bite at fresh or live mullet and blue crabs, while bass often prefer artificial baits. Keep in mind that just like people, fish have their tastes too. So what the fish may be biting one day, they may not the next. Fortunately, you can pick up your bait of choice at one of the bait shops such as Lake Charles Tackle or the Cameron Crab Man.

Lodging in Cameron
Since most people appreciate nature in its full effect, they don’t mind camping out in the area. Plus, you can wake up and fish early or fish late, since your campsite will be right there. Keep in mind that some areas aren’t exactly designed for camping, even though people do so anyway. So choose your campsite with care and make sure you don’t get in the way of the boaters.

You can choose to camp out at the Cameron jetty RV park that was recently built, but you’ll need an RV to stay the night. The kids will have fun at the fenced-in playground, while you can sit back and relax in the beautiful parish. If camping and RVs isn’t your thing, the Cameron Hotel is within close proximity and usually has rooms available.

Image Source: city-data.com

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