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Bird Watching in Cajun Country

When visiting what Louisiana locals call "Cajun Country", visitors quickly see that the locals set the pace and take the time to enjoy the natural habitat around them, and one of the most enjoyable activities in Cajun Country happens to be the simplest of them all: bird watching.

Where to Bird Watch
With Cajun Country’s unique location, surrounded by lakes, bayous, wetlands and rivers, a variety of bird species is attracted to the area along with a myriad of other widlife.  The America’s Wetland Birding Trail also runs along the parishes and is a prime location for spotting birds. Driving along the I-10 from Mississippi to Texas will expose you to 115 different sites. Other locations to bird watch include the preserves, National Wildlife Refuges, parks and sanctuaries.

An Appreciation for Bird Watching
One of the great elements to bird watching in Cajun Country is that it’s a highly respected sport that everyone takes enjoyment in. No one will look at you dumbfounded if you’re spotted along the highway with a stopped car and a pair of binoculars. Instead, locals will be interested to know what species you spotted. It’s this attitude that sweeps across the area and makes Cajun Country the spectacular place that it is.

Make it a Bird Vacation
Instead of just bird watching on your own, make a vacation out of your adventures. Choose to stay at a campsite or RV camp that will give you exposure to birds of all species during the day and night. Take a swamp tour and discover various birds nestled in the wetlands, among nutria and alligators. Take a tour through a state park and check out the various bird programs that are supported in the community. Even though taking photographs and observing birds is a huge part of bird watching, locals also have a goal of educating people on birds and their survival.

Bird Festivals
Bird festivals are also offered around Cajun Country, with upcoming festivals including the highly anticipated Eagle Expo, held in the winter. In the spring next year, look forward to the Bayou Teche Black Bear and Birding Festival as well as the Grand Isle Migratory Bird Celebration. These annual festivals are an excellent way to spread awareness of birds.

Perhaps the best thing of all is that bird watching is perfect for kids and adults of all ages and abilities. It doesn’t require more than a pair of binoculars and a camera, if you wish. Bird watching is unpredictable as well, so you never know just what you may see when coming to Cajun Country.

Image: travelmuse.com


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