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9th Annual Bayou Teche Black Bear Festival, April 20-22

It’s time for the 9th Annual Bayou Teche Black Bear Festival!

Beautiful Franklin, Louisiana
This event will be held on April 20-22, 2012 in the beautiful town of Franklin. Franklin is known for being the heart of St. Mary Parish and has a nostalgic feel with its cozy bed and breakfasts and pre-war homes that still stand bold and brilliant today. Like other areas in St. Mary Parish, Franklin is surrounded by swamps, bayous and the Atchafalaya Basin. There is also abundant wildlife in Franklin, including the Louisiana Black Bear.

Focus on Endangered Species
The Bayou Teche Black Bear Festival is held in honor of the Black Bear as people come together to learn more about this interesting animal. The festival is centered on this endangered species and includes such activities as educational exhibits, mini field trips, pictures of the Black Bear and kids’ activities. Festival goers can expect to learn about the history of the Black Bear, the current fate of the animal and the habitat that they thrive in.

Food and Fun Benefits Conservation
Like any other festival in Louisiana, there will be great food, music and lots of fun to be enjoyed for local residents. The message being sent is a strong one however, as the Louisiana Black Bear is listed as a threatened animal by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. Without the proper care and knowledge of these bears and the habitat they live in, their numbers could dwindle even further. Thanks to the efforts of the Teche Black Bear Festival, more people will come to understand this unique and mysterious animal.

Optimistic Future
While it may seem unexpected that people could actually change the fate of this threatened species, the truth is that the numbers of Black Bears is actually increasing to healthy numbers. With the support of land owners, local residents, civic leaders, corporate partners and agencies from the state and federal levels, Black Bears are increasing in number and health.

Black Bear Conservation Coalition
The success is also, in part, due to the Black Bear Conservation Coalition that was formed to restore bear populations. In fact, the BBCC is the driving force behind the Teche Black Bear Festival and uses this time to educate local citizens about the value that the Black Bear have on the Louisiana culture at large. Come join in the fun and see how Black Bears are an integral part of Franklin.

Image Source: bbcc.org

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