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Birding on the Louisiana Coast

Louisiana Bird Watching Information

Bird Watching in Louisiana

The rich and diverse ecosystem of coastal Louisiana provides a wide array of unique terrain that is the ideal nurturing environment for numerous bird varieties. These areas offer the perfect habitat for migrating birds all throughout the year. As a result, Louisiana has some of the best bird watching available, especially in its wildlife refuges and state parks located all throughout the area.

The marshlands located along the coastal region serve as the perfect havens for many of the state’s more unusual species of waterfowl, raptors and songbirds. The prairies and rolling hills all throughout Louisiana provide a paradise filled with some of nature’s most often sought after birds. Nearly half of North America’s birds are either in their permanent location in Louisiana, or migrating to the area at specific times of the year.

Louisiana offers a variety of birding festivals year round. From the Eagle Expo during the winter months, to the celebration of the hummingbird in the summer time, there are enjoyable bird watching activities all throughout the state, nearly every month of the year.

For any beginning bird watcher, participating in a Louisiana bird watching festival is an ideal way to begin the hobby. Every beginner can learn simple and easy bird identification basics along with gaining knowledge of the proper equipment that provides the best results. Experienced bird watchers will gain valuable information at these festivals, concerning bird watching at the local hot spots and distant areas, while developing long-lasting relationships with other hobbyist birders.

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Wetland Birding

There is an extensive bird watching opportunity along the Wetland Birding Trail that winds through 22 parishes along southern Louisiana. In addition to extensive bird watching, each of these parishes has their own unique culture, history, entertainment and arts. The birding trail offers well over 100 unique bird watching sites.

Bird watching along southern Louisiana provides well over 14 million acres of grasslands, woodlands and a mixture of fresh and seawater. The overall coastal zone of southern Louisiana has mostly flat characteristics. As a result, the area has its own unique natural levees and riverbeds that were long ago abandoned by nature. The huge, dense area of swamps, marshes, lakes, bayous, rivers, and deciduous forests create a unique bird watching experience, that is unavailable anywhere else in North America.

Birding in Southwest Louisiana

Many areas located throughout southwest Louisiana have rich bird habitats nestled in hardwood forests, along crayfish ponds, and many of the rice fields located all around. There is also a wonderful mix of saltwater and freshwater marshes located along the coastline of Southwest Louisiana. Some of the most immense and various populations of bird life can be found in this area, which includes the Vincent Refuge and Lake Martin, along with the hotspots found in Cameron Parish.

With hundreds of national wildlife refuges located all throughout coastal Louisiana, the state is blessed with enormous areas of preserves that are ideal for bird watching. Even with recent devastations from hurricanes, along with the increase of community developments throughout Louisiana, the area remains one of the most dynamic, ecologically rich environments in the world. It is not uncommon to have access to well over 100 bird species in a single day, for up to nine months out of every year.

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