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Cycling Routes Along Louisiana’s Coast

Enjoy Unique Biking Trails Along Louisiana’s Coast

Louisiana’s rich with cycling opportunities for the newbie and experienced cyclists. The beautiful landscape throughout Louisiana provides many unique opportunities for seeing many of the rural areas of the state on two wheels. Many cyclists enjoy the uniquely rich culture of southwestern Louisiana, in addition to the smell of the sea air along the coastlines in the southern parts of the state. Many of the state’s trails and roads can take cyclists to some of the least visited communities in Louisiana.

The experienced cyclist can enjoy viewing the state’s beauty from the paved roads throughout Louisiana’s rural country, or the beautiful trails carved out specifically for biking enthusiasts. Less experienced cyclists can appreciate the leisure paths that wind through many of the state parks. The mild year-round climate provides great biking opportunities every month of the year.

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Biking Clubs

There are many different types of biking clubs available throughout the state of Louisiana including biking clubs for leisure, mountain biking, racing, and clubs specifically for recumbent bicycles and trikes. Some of these clubs offer extensive group rides over long distances, and on local trails. Many events are held year round. There are also extensive biking clubs available in rural communities all throughout the state, as well.

Biking Trails

There are countless biking trails located all throughout Louisiana. Many of them are on lightly traveled roads, along rural country roads, those dedicated for mountain biking, and even trails that wind through the heart of Louisiana’s major cities near the coast. From St. Bernard and Plaquemine’s Parish in the east to Lake Charles in the west, there are bike trails for every type of adventure including camping, racing and leisure bicycle riding.

Biking Festivals

Every year, Louisiana puts on a variety of biking festivals located throughout the state. None of the biking festivals held every year is as popular as the one held at Abita Springs, which offers food, music, riding and fun. Typically held in June of every year, the day before Father’s Day, the Abita Springs Bike Festival usually brings out the most unusual bike styles ever created.

The biking festival held at Abita Springs is a short cycling event, lasting about 30 minutes. It provides the opportunity to enjoy the area on two wheels, without missing too much of the festival. As a relaxed cycling event, this annual bicycle festival is all about enjoying the sport of two-wheeling. Old bicycles are swapped, sold and traded at the event.

The Bicycle Tour of Louisiana is an annual event for the serious cyclist. Encompassing 400 miles over seven days, the tour provides an up-close scenic experience of some of the most historic areas within the state of Louisiana. Included in the event, the cyclists will camp out at night, while cycling during the day through some of the most beautiful areas in Louisiana.

Bicycling tourism offers a great opportunity for the entire state of Louisiana. Not only is it good for business, but it provides physical activity for the community. Many of the biking events held throughout the state every year bring in visitors from remote locations. It develops a sense of continuity and helps to revitalize many of the rural communities throughout the state.

Louisiana has something unique to provide local and visiting cyclists that is impossible to find anywhere else. The unique landscape, and wildlife diversity make the rural, urban and coastline areas throughout Louisiana an adventure that can be experienced on two wheels. Many local communities all throughout the state support cycling that includes mountain biking, leisure cycling, and serious, competitive events.


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