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Tubing on the Bogue Chitto River. photo courtesy LouisianaNorthshore.com

Summer in coastal Louisiana is all about making memories – for friends and families and anyone interested in getting the most out of a day spent in nature.  Tubing, fishing, kayaking and canoeing, all offer hours of fun in and around the water.  Long, sun-kissed days can even segue into cool, come-out-and-play evenings when you just don’t want the fun to stop. Here are just a few suggestions for a memorable summer day in our part of Louisiana:

Vermilion Parish 

Louisiana provides some of the widest array of road cycling challenges for the avid cyclist. From breathtaking spectacular views, or the quiet country roads in rural communities, there are numerous cycling routes filled with some of the most enjoyable rides found anywhere in America.


Building Cycling Power

One of the key indicators of being prepared for optimal cycling is the amount of power output, produced by the cyclist. With the ability to generate far more power than normal, any cyclist can dramatically increase their speed and improve their performance on the bike. Depending on the type of Louisiana bicycling event, the cyclist can enhance their sprint performance by knocking off a precious few seconds at the end of a triathlon biking event. Additionally, enhancing cycling power output can always provide the opportunity to keep up with others cycling or competing together.

Mardi Gras, or Courir De Mardi Gras, is an important part of the Cajun cultural heritage, and although the rest of the world is well versed in the urban incarnation of Mardi Gras – as practiced in New Orleans – South Louisiana's coastal Cajun celebrations have remained largely unknown to outsiders. This is unfortunate as the Cajun people are possibly the most welcoming of all people and eagerly wait to teach you all about their ways. True Mardi Gras celebrations reflect the strong conservative and innovative spirit of the Cajun people.

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