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Red snapper season is just around the corner, and fishermen couldn’t be more hopeful, especially after a short and abundant season last year. The 2012 recreational season is set to start on June 1 and will close on July 10. Although the rules are the same as last year - two fish per licensed angler with a minimum size of 16 inches – the guidelines may be changing next year.

Mardi Gras, or Courir De Mardi Gras, is an important part of the Cajun cultural heritage, and although the rest of the world is well versed in the urban incarnation of Mardi Gras – as practiced in New Orleans – South Louisiana's coastal Cajun celebrations have remained largely unknown to outsiders. This is unfortunate as the Cajun people are possibly the most welcoming of all people and eagerly wait to teach you all about their ways. True Mardi Gras celebrations reflect the strong conservative and innovative spirit of the Cajun people.

The Laughing Gull is a small gull that is found along the southern Atlantic and Gulf coasts. Its scientific name is Leucophaeus atricilla. It takes these birds three years to reach adult plumage and immature birds are always darker than their older counterparts.


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