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If you ever wanted to see the Cajun wetlands of the dense bayous, then the waterways in southern Louisiana are the highways that will take you right to it. It is easy to get up close and personal with many of the small fishing coastal communities that dot the landscape in Bayou country. A swamp tour will take you to areas that contain furry animals, alligators, dangerous snakes, turtles and dozens of different varieties of bird species.


During season (spring, summer and fall), the tour guide will likely find many alligators sunning out on the riverbanks attempting to warm themselves using the heat of the sun. Your tour boat will most likely make its way through tiny waterways with moss-draped cypress trees, thus providing plenty of opportunities for viewing wildlife and taking photographs.


Ideally situated in the Deep South for enjoying year round golf on well conditioned courses, Louisiana offers some of the best public golfing around. Numerous public golf courses are still some of the more popular destinations for golfers interested in taking to the links along the Gulf Coast. From the Louisiana coastline along the plantations and bayous, into the heart of major cities, golfers can find well over 100 public links with open tee times.


The Bayou Barriere GC

Bayou Barriere is one of the recognized top courses open to the public in the New Orleans area. Located in Belle Chase, Louisiana, Bayou Barriere is only minutes away from downtown New Orleans. With 27 regulation holes, this golf course is a Jimmy Self design with wide fairways on Bermuda grass.


The history and natural wildlife of Louisiana make it one of the richest and most rewarding experiences when visiting or living in the area. The easiest way to experience the state is to enjoy its scenic byways that are situated all throughout Louisiana. While the northern portion of the state offers a unique experience, it is the southern portion of the state, along the coastline that is considered the most enjoyable.

The Bayou Teche Scenic Trail

Beginning just southwest of the state’s capital in Baton Rouge, the Bayou Teche scenic trail is a unique byway that meanders down to the southernmost portion of the state. Individuals can take the self-guided byway tour and see all that the area can provide. A leisurely visit across the area can take up to two days. You will witness huge moss-draped oak trees and dense vegetation. In the tradition of a true bayou experience, you will witness 135 miles of some of the most beautiful semi-tropical regions across southern Louisiana. The byway ends in Arcadiana.


Experience is not always necessary if you want to take your chance and chase trophy redfish in Louisiana. There is a good chance that your trip will take you deep into the marshlands of southern Louisiana were much of the best redfish experiences take place along the Gulf of Mexico. Some of the most amazing fisheries are located only minutes south of New Orleans, Lake Charles, and Baton Rouge.



The red fishing experience in southern Louisiana is the envy of the world. The season for bull redfish last from November until late March. It is here that many of the experienced anglers can enjoy catching some of the largest redfish in the world (upwards to 40 pounds). From springtime, until early fall, red fishing is equally impressive. It is not uncommon to catch a huge assortment of reds found along the shallow waters in the marshlands in southern Louisiana, weighing in at 11 pounds and more.


Using a fishing guide along the Louisiana coast is one of the best fishing decisions that you will ever make. You’ll find it a most rewarding fishing experience. How do you make fishing with a guide happen? It’s easy…just follow these 3 easy steps:


When it comes to fishing, everyone is looking for that little bit of “insider information” that can help change your day from a fishing trip into a catching trip!  For some it might be a type of bait, while for others it might be a special location based on a certain time of the year.

The problem is that most locals who earn this type of knowledge protect it carefully, and while you might pickup bits and pieces from a message board, they are not likely to reveal the exact location of their specific honey hole.


You Can’t Go Wrong Using a Guide for Your Freshwater Fishing

When you fish along the coast and decide to go after freshwater fish, you can still find great guides to take you where the fish are biting. In fact, along the coast, many guides are experts at both freshwater and saltwater. You may find yourself catching a speckled trout right after that largemouth bass.

How do you find a guide and what to expect?


Freshwater Fishing at Its Best

If you are a Louisiana native living near the coast and an avid fisherman, you already know the coastal area offers a lot more than just great saltwater fishing. There is also great freshwater fishing all along the coast. In fact, you can catch some of your favorite freshwater fish the first cast after pulling in a favorite saltwater fish. That’s because you find freshwater fish living in the brackish lake and estuaries that abound in South Louisiana.


While America is still the land of “do it yourself” activities, some things are better left to the professionals.  And if you are visiting Louisiana and only have a day or two to get out fishing, make sure you have a great experience by using a local guide for saltwater fishing.  You’ll guarantee yourself a trip that you will talk about for years to come.


Whether you are a Louisiana native or a visitor to our great state, we promise you won’t find better saltwater fishing anywhere in America. While many places make this type of claim, Louisiana backs it up! Just take a look at the marina docks on just about any afternoon next time you are around to see the proof. The great thing which separates Louisiana from many other saltwater fishing destinations is choice. You have so many choices that sometimes it is difficult to decide on just the way to go on any single day. You can fish all along the Louisiana coast and even further offshore.