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World Class Offshore Fishing off the Louisiana Gulf Coast

Recognized as an amazing paradise for sportsmen, the Louisiana coastline is known to have the best offshore fishing in the Gulf of Mexico. Numerous saltwater species are available year-round, drawing anglers to the cobalt blue seawater just south of Louisiana.

Chartering a Boat While fishing is often a “do it yourself” sport, the best way to ensure a great day on the water is to hire one of Louisiana’s many charter captains  to take you to where the fish are.  There are a large variety of charter boat fishing services available from the East, Central and West coastlines of Louisiana. These include Venice, Port Fourchon, and Grand Isle. Booking a charter service to catch a large number of fish species is simple. Many of these fishing trips can be chartered for eight, 12 or 14 hours. Some companies even offer overnight or multi-day fishing trips to deep water locations.

Offshore Species You can Target
Anglers will have access to a huge array of fish species located just miles offshore of the Louisiana coastline. The waters of the Gulf of Mexico are rich with many migratory and coastal species. Some of the more common species at home around the coastline include redfishing, red snapper, black drum, king mackerel and cobia. Many of the migratory species located offshore from the coastline of Louisiana include white marlin, blue Marlin, yellowfin tuna, bluefin tuna, sailfish, swordfish as well as several species of sharks.

Offshore Fishing Regulations
If you are not fishing with a guide, visiting anglers should be aware of the offshore regulations when fishing in the waters off of Louisiana. These include:

  • Intact Fish – When fishing off the waters of Louisiana, all saltwater fish, with the exception of tuna, garfish and swordfish, must have both the caudal fin and head intact until the boat reaches the shoreline.
  • No Scaling or Skinning – Anglers, captains and deckhands cannot scale or skin garfish, swordfish or tuna before the boat has reached the shore.
  • Filet Regulations – The only fish fillets that can be in possession while on the water must be for food consumption while the angler, deckhand or captain is on board the boat.

Limits on Size and Possession
The regulations on limits of size and possession when fishing off the Louisiana shoreline are many. Based on the specific saltwater species, the possession limits for the more common coastal varieties typically average between two and 25 fish each day. There is a daily 100 pound limit on striped mullet. All length requirements of saltwater species captured in the Gulf of Mexico off of Louisiana are measured in a traditional “fork length.”

Many of the migratory species caught off the Louisiana shorelines do not have daily limits. This includes tuna, marlin and sailfish. However, most of the shark species have a daily limit of one. Measuring for the length requirement typically involves fork length, dressed weight, carcass length, and the measurement of the lower jaw.

What to Consider
Any visiting or resident angler planning to enjoy an offshore fishing trip in Louisiana should take in consideration the hurricane season along the Gulf Coast. Louisiana is highly susceptible to active hurricanes from around August, until mid-October. Therefore, it is important to stay abreast of any forecast of hurricanes in the area before heading out on an offshore trip.

Offshore deep-sea fishing in the Gulf of Mexico south of Louisiana provides a heart throbbing, exciting adventure, nearly every month of the year. Anglers will have the opportunity to catch a variety of fish species, and a non-stop action deep water experience.

Image Credit: Louisiana Charter Boat Association

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