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Louisiana birding for the Common Loon

Due to the unique location and geography of Louisiana’s southernmost parts, the Louisiana coastline is the perfect place to bird watch. In fact, more than 400 species visit our state each year, and by some estimates, this is over half of the species that can be found in the entirety of the United States! So this week, we will focus on one of these many types of birds to learn more about our feathered friends: The common loon.

What does the Common Loon look like?

These birds are named for their awkward appearance when on land – they have legs that are further back on their body to facilitate swimming. They are between 26 and 26 inches long with wingspans between 40 and 52 inches and long, pointed bills.

Common Loon on Lake

What does the Common Loon eat?

Common Loons are carnivorous, meaning that they eat other animals, usually fish. They move quickly in the water and are able to swallow most of their prey while the fish are still immersed in the water.

Where can I find one?

The Common Loon is a water bird, and the only time that one will willingly go on land is to mate and then incubate their eggs for 27 to 30 days before hatching. So the best place to look for them is where the live – on the water! Usually they can be found in lakes and large ponds. These birds can live for over thirty years in the wild, and with annual migrations to Louisiana, this makes them some of our most regular tourists!

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