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November 2014

If you know a thing or two about Louisiana, you might already be aware that we take our cuisine pretty seriously and, if you ask any self-respecting Louisiana Coast cook what makes their Thanksgiving table uniquely delicious, the first thing they're gong to tell you about is Oyster Dressing. Around these parts, our holiday turkeys are served with a heaping helping of deliciousness by way of what is arguably the most enduring Thanksgiving tradition in a region full of culinary treasures.

When you visit us down along the gorgeous Louisiana Coast, you're going to be busy. When you are busy, you get thirsty. When you get thirsty, you get cranky and when you get cranky, you don't act right. When you don't act right, the Rougarou might just come out of the swamp for you. Don't let the Rougarou get you. Stop thirst in its tracks along the Louisiana Brewery Trail, featuring 11 distinct breweries throughout the state, several of which fall along our scenic and beautiful coastline.

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