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October 2012

When it comes to fishing, everyone is looking for that little bit of “insider information” that can help change your day from a fishing trip into a catching trip!  For some it might be a type of bait, while for others it might be a special location based on a certain time of the year.

The problem is that most locals who earn this type of knowledge protect it carefully, and while you might pickup bits and pieces from a message board, they are not likely to reveal the exact location of their specific honey hole.

You Can’t Go Wrong Using a Guide for Your Freshwater Fishing

When you fish along the coast and decide to go after freshwater fish, you can still find great guides to take you where the fish are biting. In fact, along the coast, many guides are experts at both freshwater and saltwater. You may find yourself catching a speckled trout right after that largemouth bass.

How do you find a guide and what to expect?

Freshwater Fishing at Its Best

If you are a Louisiana native living near the coast and an avid fisherman, you already know the coastal area offers a lot more than just great saltwater fishing. There is also great freshwater fishing all along the coast. In fact, you can catch some of your favorite freshwater fish the first cast after pulling in a favorite saltwater fish. That’s because you find freshwater fish living in the brackish lake and estuaries that abound in South Louisiana.

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