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February 2012

2012 Crawfish Festival
The 2012 Louisiana Crawfish Festival is just around the corner! The event will be held on March 22-25, 2012 at the Sigur Cultural Center in Chalmette. As always, you can expect the most delicious Cajun foods, great entertainment, handmade crafts and the highly-anticipated Louisiana Crawfish Pageant.

In 1755, a large number of former French colonists who had been living in Canada were exiled to Louisiana. There they met with other French expatriates, as well as folks of Spanish, German, and African descent. The groups adapted to their new environment and local influences and eventually blended into what we now call the Cajun culture, widely known for its spicy food and rousing music.

The Seventh Annual Louisiana Eagle Expo will be held on February 9-11 in Morgan City. The expo will feature a live raptor presentation, seminars hosted by wildlife and nature experts, boat tours and opportunities to meet other avid bird watchers.  

Mardi Gras, or Courir De Mardi Gras, is an important part of the Cajun cultural heritage, and although the rest of the world is well versed in the urban incarnation of Mardi Gras – as practiced in New Orleans – South Louisiana's coastal Cajun celebrations have remained largely unknown to outsiders. This is unfortunate as the Cajun people are possibly the most welcoming of all people and eagerly wait to teach you all about their ways. True Mardi Gras celebrations reflect the strong conservative and innovative spirit of the Cajun people.

Deep along the Louisiana Gulf coast , it's well known everyone here loves a festival! With family oriented parades, live music and freshly caught local cuisine; it's no wonder these small-town festivals by the sea are so popular with visitors. Most of the coastal parish festivals are free and guarantee fun for all the family!

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