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October 2011

The Royal Tern is an interesting bird, as it’s only found along the coastal beaches. This bird is a large tern, with pale grey upperparts, a white face, neck and underparts. The head has a spiky black crest and cap and features a bright orange bill. The wings have black tips on them and the tail is deeply forked.

Forked Island, LA is a populated place that is located in Vermilion Parish. To the locals, you pronounce “Forked” as “Fork-id”, so be sure to brush up on your Louisiana accents before heading over! When you do make your trip, you won’t be stopped by traffic lights. Forked Island is a rural area and is dominated by the locals, who know where to eat, shop and have fun.

“Voices of the Past” is an event dedicated to the homes and people of Louisiana. The weekend event is hosted by St. Mary Landmarks, Techeland Arts Council and the Cajun Coast Visitors and Convention Bureau. It will be held October 14-16, 2011 in Franklin, Louisiana.

Morgan City is known for being right in the middle of everywhere. If you choose to stay in Morgan City during your travels, you can expect to have entertainment, restaurants and fishing right around the corner. Morgan City is the gateway to the Gulf of Mexico and is recognized for its fishing, hunting, fine Cajun cuisine, shrimping and oilfield industries.

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