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September 2011

If you enjoy adventure, then a trip to Houma, LA is a wonderful way to celebrate your inner being. In the heart of Louisiana’s wetlands, Houma is a ticket to fun and adventure. Located 55 miles from New Orleans, the city contains over 2500 square feet of swamps and wetlands.

The Laughing Gull is a small gull that is found along the southern Atlantic and Gulf coasts. Its scientific name is Leucophaeus atricilla. It takes these birds three years to reach adult plumage and immature birds are always darker than their older counterparts.

It's no secret why Grand Isle is referred to as "The Sportsman's Paradise". The area is the perfect place to travel and offers plenty of opportunity for fishing. Grand Isle can accommodate all types of fishing, including fishing off a pier, boat or bridge.

We all know the benefits to shopping for local produce, so why not take advantage of fresh fruits and vegetables that will be featured at Harahan’s Farmers Market?

Coming soon to Harahan LA, the farmers market will serve as a gathering place for local farmers, fishermen and vendors. These individuals will be able to showcase their foods, while relaxing with other locals. Customers will be able to come and browse the diverse selection of produce and seafood.

Most agree that when it comes to lobster, nothing beats the taste and quality of Maine lobster. For shellfish, it's Louisiana that has the best tasting wild brown and white shrimp.

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