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Fall’s always an active festival season and this year’s going to be one of the best ever. We celebrate our heritage, the diverse cultures of Louisiana and, especially, the food. The food! You’re going to have a great time eating your way through the state in coming months.

Keeping cool during the Dog Days of August is a top priority in Louisiana! Here are some of our favorite ways to stay cool during those hot, summer days!

Calcasieu/Cameron Parishes 


Summer in coastal Louisiana is all about making memories – for friends and families and anyone interested in getting the most out of a day spent in nature.  Tubing, fishing, kayaking and canoeing, all offer hours of fun in and around the water.  Long, sun-kissed days can even segue into cool, come-out-and-play evenings when you just don’t want the fun to stop. Here are just a few suggestions for a memorable summer day in our part of Louisiana:

Vermilion Parish 

It is no surprise that the Louisiana Coast is the paradise of outdoor adventurers. With access to freshwater ponds and lakes, coastal wetlands and the Gulf of Mexico, fishermen have access to some of the best and diverse fishing opportunities in the country. Additionally, our unique environment allows for unforgettable opportunities to take in nature. Below are just a few of the excellent experiences you can have on the Louisiana Coast.

Spring is the perfect time of the year to visit Louisiana’s Coast.  For birdwatchers or festival goers – it’s prime time and the opportunities are limitless.  Your challenge will be where to start and limited by the hours in the day.  If you're adventurous, this blog is for you!

Lake Charles/Southwest Louisiana

Spring is in the air and so is the aroma of spicy, boiling crawfish. All along Louisiana's Coast you'll find restaurants, attractions, and festivals that celebrate this seafood delicacy that is so unique to Louisiana. Whether you want to enjoy them in the great outdoors or around the picnic table with family and friends, there are so many ways to experience crawfish when you visit Louisiana's Coast. 

Lake Charles

What’s unique? What’s popular? 

Mardi Gras is one of those holidays that is a bit quirky since it feels like it should be a national holiday to everyone who lives in Louisiana. We Louisianans have to remind ourselves that not everyone chases chickens, dresses up in regalia and glitter or has the world’s longest tailgate party, waiting on parades – or – puts a baby in King Cake! So, what’s Mardi Gras like along Louisiana’s Coast?

Here are some highlights:

We love fishing in the summertime and festivals in the fall and you're not living until you've seen a Cajun Christmas, but Louisiana is the center of the universe this weekend! We're gonna get dressed up right, we're gonna dance and we're gonna parade our crazy right down the middle of the street. Mardi Gras has begun so grab your mask and hop on the float!


If you know a thing or two about Louisiana, you might already be aware that we take our cuisine pretty seriously and, if you ask any self-respecting Louisiana Coast cook what makes their Thanksgiving table uniquely delicious, the first thing they're gong to tell you about is Oyster Dressing. Around these parts, our holiday turkeys are served with a heaping helping of deliciousness by way of what is arguably the most enduring Thanksgiving tradition in a region full of culinary treasures.